Hope begins with employment.

The Recovery to Work program is dedicated to bettering the integrity of our workforce and providing individuals with opportunities. The Highland Rivers Foundation is working to support a healthier workforce by bringing our communities together and improving how individuals seek and maintain gainful employment. This program is a part of a three-year Appalachian Regional Commission INSPIRE grant focused on successful workforce entry or re-entry.

Through our initial phase, we found:

  • 51% of the individuals displayed concern about access to employment when transitioning into recovery
  • 42%of individuals felt they could not support themselves financially
  • 46% were concerned about transportation and housing

The Recovery to Work program provides individuals and employers access to resources curated for their specific needs. Individuals can expect to access a multitude of training options that develop recovery-focused skills. Meanwhile, employers can useĀ  a multi-state tool kit designed to create a Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW). If requested, we also work with donors to design programs that target their passion. Passions include but are not limited to: supporting programs within specific counties, schools or school districts, limited income populations, or programs targeting youth within a specific age range.