Powering Recovery With Generators - Outages in Healthcare

Outages in Healthcare: Hope can be powerful. In today’s technology-driven healthcare system, a power outage can not only disrupt routine operations but can also impede communications and ultimately service delivery. For providers like Highland Rivers Behavioral Health that also serve medically fragile individuals with disabilities, a power outage can be potentially life-threatening. Help Highland River Behavioral Health facilities prevent the healthcare consequences of power outages.

The need for backup generators: In order to maintain even minimal operations, every Highland Rivers Behavioral Health facility requires lighting, internet access, telephone service, hot water, heating, and air conditioning. For individuals receiving services from Highland Rivers Health, a power outage – even of short duration – can have serious consequences that can impact the progress of their recovery.

We are seeking funding for backup generators that will be used if necessary at both our 24-hour residential programs and our four crisis centers. Your donation will help us keep the lights on in a storm or whenever a power outage occurs. This ensures a continuity of service, no matter what the weather brings us!