Hope begins with mothers.

The Mothers Making a Change Program of the Highland Rivers Foundation understands how substance use disorders can be hurtful to women and families. For this reason, the foundation provides services and resources to those affected. The Foundation is currently seeking major corporate donations to relocate Highland Rivers’ Women’s TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program in Cobb County from apartments to a permanent facility that can support programs and services for more than 25 women and their children.

The Mothers Making a Change Program also has a long history of giving support and hope to pregnant and postpartum women and/or women who are working on reunification with children. The program services support all women in achieving abstinence, maintaining recovery, avoiding illegal activity, meeting responsibilities, and  maintaining employment for safe  housing. 

The need is for a facility, renovations, and/or land to build a new facility in Cobb County to support this program.