Mosaic Place Recovery Center

Hope begins with recovery, and recovery requires support. 

Mosaic Place, a program of Highland Rivers Behavioral Health in Polk County, is where individuals with substance use disorders or substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders find a recovery-focused, supportive, peer-led environment. The program also supports families of members in the program. 

Mosaic Place provides linkages to community partners for food and household assistance, clothing, transportation, and other family needs. As part of Highland Rivers Behavioral Health, individuals have expedient access to clinical treatment services, crisis intervention and detoxification, residential treatment programs, clinical treatment groups, family counseling, and other services that support healing and recovery.

The staff at Mosaic place are peers in long-term recovery. They conduct peer support groups at the Polk County jail, support individuals in court proceedings and are recognized by local law enforcement agencies as being a resource for individuals in need. 

Supporting Mosaic Place via the Highland Rivers Foundation provides vital support for those whose journey is recovery.